Why Climate Catastrophism May be Helping the Working/Middle Class Shift Away from Democrats

Why Climate Catastrophism May be Helping the Working/Middle Class Shift Away from Democrats


There has recently been published a three (3) part analysis of WHY the Democratic Party is losing the working and middle classes of America: their new political themes of “climate catastrophism” (for example, see Al Gore at Davos ). Since the Democratic Party has shifted away from practical considerations of dealing with the environment, more sensitive in Texas, it explains a big part of the generational realignment to the Republican Party.

Most political observers believe the realignment problem for the Democrats is because they have moved so far to the Left, particularly on the new cultural issues, but these articles say “not so fast ‘. The Hispanic vote is shifting today because of the lack of economic freedom by the new Democratic climate philosophy and, because of their New Left climate policies, has allowed working class Hispanics to check out the more conservative party.

Conservatives believe you can reform environmental policy without wrecking our economy. Take a look at the excerpted paragraph, below, which contains a “new map” for conservatives, for Hispanics, and for the Republican Party. For more depth, read Part 1 and Part 2, which gives you the 40 year historical framework of how Democrats have hijacked the environmental issue to a point in 2023 where its policies cost Hispanics, in particular, their jobs. The current realignment forces today are more economic — so say these 3 articles — and only secondarily “cultural compatibility.”

“‘…energy must continue to be cheap, reliable and abundant. That means fossil fuels, especially natural gas, will continue to be an important part of the mix.’

But the Democrats, influenced by the cultural evolution of the party, do not have a practical approach to the issue. What started as a reasonable attempt to deal with a genuine problem, in the spirit of reformist environmentalism, has been hijacked by a millenarian, quasi-religious commitment to rapidly zeroing out fossil fuels and creating a renewables-based economy. This hasn’t worked and will not work. It will inevitably widen the gap between Democratic elites and ordinary working class voters. It is time to trade in climate catastrophism for climate pragmatism.”