TLC Hispanic Realignment Survey


Winner: Reed Awards: Survey Research: Best Use of Technology in Research

Winner: Pollie Silver Award: Best Data Analytics Solution

We are proud of the team we assembled to carry out this important research. Our work to understand the ongoing realignment of Latino voters will continue and we look forward to sharing more valuable insights in the future,” says TLC Founder, Orlando Sanchez.

The award-winning survey commissioned by Texas Latino Conservatives confirmed that the Republican Party’s Hispanic gains from 2020 would continue into the 2022 election cycle. This survey of Hispanic voters offered the clearest evidence that Hispanic communities across Texas were poised to move even further right in November, and, indeed, they did precisely that.

The Texas Hispanic Realignment survey, which was conducted by Patrick Ruffini of Echelon Insights, Leslie Sanchez of Impacto Group, and V. Lance Tarrance, Jr., built upon a previous postmortem analysis of the 2020 election and Census data which identified three key regions where the Hispanic vote is changing the most: 1) South Texas and the Rio Grande Valley, 2) the outer suburbs of Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin combined with battleground State House districts in these metros, and 3) exurban areas of major metros (Houston, Dallas, San Antonio) combined with counties showing the highest Hispanic population growth statewide.

Together we surveyed 1,200 Hispanic registered voters in these three regions in English and Spanish using a mix of live caller telephone and text-to-web interviews, with 400 interviews in each target region, from June 15 to 26, 2022.

Our key findings showed a powerful shift in the political winds in 2022:

  • Republicans and Democrats tied with Hispanics in key regions in the 2022 midterm race.
  • 61 percent are bothered by the current direction of the Democratic Party.
  • Few are satisfied with the direction of the country, and they blame Biden.
  • Conservative Hispanic values translate to movement towards Republicans.
  • Hispanics surveyed favor tougher border security measures.
  • Hispanics overwhelmingly support more oil and gas exploration and jobs in Texas.
  • Texas Hispanics on the American Dream.