TLC Latino Republicans Push Back on Party's Immigration Agenda

Texas Monthly Looks at Why Democrats are Losing Texas Latinos


“South Texas, lately, has become an object of political fascination for pundits, some of whom have not taken the time to understand even the most basic facts about the region.”  This is how Texas Monthly began their article (Sept 2021) which was entitled, Why Democrats Are Losing Texas Latinos.  Their in-depth investigation started out with how the new mayor of McAllen, Texas could explain how a Hispanic electorate could go Republican and, after some 20 pages, concluded that there were three hypotheses (see below).  As we approach the May 24th runoff in Texas and the forthcoming midterm elections in Texas this November, this analysis deserves closer reading.

  • Democrats, in recent years, have invested so heavily in the political priorities of Left Wing government and by concentrating in the big cities, that they have alienated Conservative and Moderate Hispanics.
  • Overcoming traditional Party allegiances is changing Hispanics, like the Irish Americans before them, by aligning more closely with their new Anglo neighbors.
  • Democrats prioritized the wrong sort of pitch that felt like pandering. Democrats ignored selfhood in South Texas which is shaped by the oil and gas industry, ranching and farming, and law enforcement, including customs and border protection.


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