Breaking News: Texas Hispanics Now Evenly Balanced in Population with non-Hispanic Whites

by V. Lance Tarrance, Jr.

The U.S. Census Bureau recently released their new interim population estimates for the state of Texas. Hispanics are now basically evenly balanced with non-Hispanic Whites, 1:1 or one to one. Hispanics are now confirmed as the balance of power in Texas, with more than 12 million residents who are Latino or Hispanic , while the non-Hispanic, white population is estimated at 11.9 million. This new balance of power showed about 260,000 new white residents and about 225,000 new Hispanic residents in the last year. In fact, Latinos are now the predominant demographic group in 77 Texas counties, or to put it another way, 1/3 of the geography of Texas.

Demographers say this new balance of power is no surprise. For decades now, Hispanics (who now permanently reside in Texas) have grown through immigration, inter-racial marriage, and even more who “self identify” with being Hispanic. After all, this balance of power achievement is easily considered because of Texas’ long border of 2,241 miles with Mexico.

The distribution of Hispanics, however, is all over the state. For example, Harris County has about 2 million Latino residents, out of a total population of about 5 million. The other large counties in Texas have the following:

[From the Dallas Morning News] Dallas has the third-largest Hispanic population in Texas. Dallas County added almost 9,000 Latinos from July 2021 to July 2022 and is now 41% Hispanic with about 1 million Hispanics but Harris County is home to over 2.1 million Latinos.
SOURCE: U.S. Census Bureau’s Vintage 2022 estimates

County Total Population HIspanic Population
Harris 4.78 million 2.13 million
Bexar 2.06 million 1.26 million
Dallas 2.6 million 1.08 million
Hidalgo 0.89 million 0.82 million
El Paso 0.87 million 0.72 million
Tarrant 2.15 million 0.66 million

The state of Texas new statistical majority population, however, has had many years of influence from the Hispanic population, which is no surprise. These influences are well known as to the culture, music, literature, and art, as well as, being very proud of the food that their culture has carried with them. It appears now as the Hispanic and non-Hispanic White populations are exactly even, but the bigger impact may be in political elections and the recruitment of Hispanics to leadership positions, particularly in those 77 counties where they are the predominant group nowadays.

Equis, a partisan left-wing research firm (they released a 130 page report in June 2023, that explored Latino voter trends for 2024), recently studied in battleground states, that those who voted only in 2020, 54% voted for a generic Republican in their recent polling. More concerning news for left-wing Democrats is that they found that the drop-off Latino voters, who voted in the 2020 Presidential election, but not in the 2022 recent midterm election, gave Republicans a 13 point advantage if, and that is a big if, the next campaign centers on dealing with inflation and cost of living issues. The Democratic research firm also found that Latinos, as a group, did not agree that the GOP was “hostile to minorities” or, “any threat to democracy”, recent favorite attack themes of Democrats .

According to the Cook Political Report in Washington, D.C. (entitled : “Latino Voters Who Sat Out Midterms Provide Opportunity for GOP in 2023” , June 16, 2023) , the most important takeaway from the Left-wing Democratic study was “Latinos are now at a highly dynamic point. They remain one of the great wildcards in U.S. elections and ready to subvert any overly confident expectations.”