Conservative Hispanic Women Increasingly Running for Office

by V. Lance Tarrance

More and more women are running for public office today. Additionally, more Hispanic women are also running for office, particularly at the community or grassroots level of local politics and up the ladder towards higher office. Conservative Hispanic women are pushing the shift to the GOP for public office today, more than ever. U.S. Congressperson Monica De La Cruz was elected in the Rio Grande Valley, and more like her seem to be on the way, like Mayra Flores who recently won a one-time special election.

But wait…Conservative women running for office have some basics to overcome, and they can be handled in some smart ways. The first stage for a conservative woman candidate is overcoming a double standard of: 1) Great qualifications, like a history of successfully volunteering for public service projects or elected to School Boards; 2) Likability — being able to connect with voters with a positively engaging presentation. In essence, likeability is “first base” for a conservative woman to reach, to get into “scoring position” of electability, before she can get any further down the baseline. She has to be likeable immediately to others and LISTEN TO CONCERNS.

The second stage for a conservative woman candidate is to demonstrate economic messaging of the RISING COSTS FROM 2020 T0 2024 that are all around us, that fits the old slogan of “It’s the economy, stupid!”. In this election cycle, it should be about kitchen table issues — about the rising cost of living that Hispanic families are experiencing. In fact, everything from the rising cost of soup to nuts, but ALWAYS in a family setting context FIRST. You can forget the obtuse national economic indicators

The third stage for a conservative female candidate has to be that she is one of those who can be thought of having “action oriented” potential. This means she can demonstrate to the voters that she is capable of handling any crisis and can be TRUSTED for her urgency, common sense, and uncommon courage to move fast in a crisis. You do this with KEY WORDS and DEMONSTRATED OBSERVATIONS.

At the link below is a survey by a Democratic Party pollster (Lake Research Partners of Washington, D.C.) which was a poll done last year about HOW a Hispanic woman should run for elective office today. The findings in this released published survey can be easily adapted to a conservative Republican woman running for office. Spending time on reviewing these findings could go a long way for a female Hispanic conservative to win her first race for elective office. READ THE DOCUMENT CAREFULLY.