Biden’s Hispanic Vulnerability

New Analysis of Biden’s Hispanic Vulnerability

by V. Lance Tarrance, Jr.

The article below reinforces how Republican Party members and Hispanics are learning to embrace populism.  This aspect of political direction for the country comes from the fact that the Founding Fathers designed our Constitution as a means for popular self control, not an outside restraint against the people.  To be able to reconcile populism and conservatism today is propelling Hispanics and the middle and working classes to vote together politically.  The discontent in American politics today is coming MOSTLY from the fact that Democrats, as a Party, are now the anti-Populist Party.  This breach in the Democratic forces is allowing Hispanics in the U.S. to cross the party line to the more EVOLVING populist Republican Party.  If you learn MORE about political populism, then you will learn why Hispanics have been moving to the GOP. This article below shows the drivers for all the current transformative politics are  1.) U.S. economic disarray and 2.) radically engineered  cultural changes within the U.S. This will frame the elections of 2024.

Biden’s Hispanic Vulnerability

Bad Hombres and Proud Latinas Reject Economic Stagnation & Cultural Radicalism

By Steve Cortez

A growing cohort of Hispanics find themselves political orphans. Many of them have yet to fully align with the Republican Party, but they increasingly turn away from the economic mismanagement and leftist social extremism of the 2020’s Democrats.

As such, Biden finds a new and worsening problem headed into election year: hemorrhaging support among Hispanics, and especially among working-class Latino voters.

Per the latest NY Times/Sienna poll, his general election lead among non-college educated minorities has collapsed. Back in 2020, Biden captured a blowout 48% winning margin among blue-collar minorities, but that lead has plummeted to only 16% right now, asking voters their preference for 2024. For further context, consider that Obama won that demographic of working-class non-whites by a landslide 67% in 2012.

This worsening decline understandably alarms Ruling Class powerbrokers and Democrat partisans who previously took Hispanic allegiance for granted. Even Politico, the effective print PR arm of the DNC, recently ran a story headline wondering “What’s Behind Biden’s Latino Voter Problem?”

So, let’s answer that question for Politico!

The economy and culture are the macro  forces that explain this tectonic shift among Hispanics away from Biden and toward the political Right.

First, on the economy, middle- and lower-income workers suffer the ravages of rising prices most severely. Because Hispanics overwhelmingly fall into this economic category, inflation inflicts particular financial misery on Latino households. Granted, the pain of out-of-control prices for the staples of life knows neither color nor ethnicity. This harsh reality explains why only 16% of Americans overall report that their wages can keep pace with inflation, per the latest Investor’s Business Daily survey.

Nonetheless, Hispanics more acutely feel this financial pinch and subsequently reject the intense economic mismanagement of Biden and the Democrats. For example, Biden’s “strong approve” rating among Hispanics is only 14%, which is the lowest of any demographic group. Digging into the NY Times poll crosstabs, the clear driver of the dissatisfaction is the economy. Specifically, a paltry 4% of Hispanics describe the economy as “excellent” while a whopping 47% malign it as “poor.”

Hispanic Americans proudly boast the highest entrepreneurship rate in the country. Hispanic men claim the highest workforce participation rate of any group in the United States. We are a community of laborers and risk-takers, but the economic malaise of Biden shrinks Latino wallets and saps start-up spirits.

Perhaps Hispanics could stomach some of the economic abuses from the radical Democrats if Biden and his media cronies showed some semblance of respect for the traditional sentiments and deeply-held religious beliefs of millions of Hispanics, overwhelmingly Catholic and Evangelical believers. But instead, Biden and the Democrats insist on a sustained campaign of radical secular humanist assaults upon communities that believe in such universal truths as the existence of two sexes. In Democrat-run states like Washington, children can be surgically, permanently sex-changed without parental approval.

Hispanics, more than other groups, recoil at such extremism. For example, on the political hot-button issue of abortion, Hispanics are the most pro-life demographic in America. Right now, 24% of Hispanics “strongly support” state bans of abortion after six weeks, almost twice the pro-life support found among black Americans. Similarly, 20% of Hispanics believe abortion should “always be illegal” compared to only 5% of blacks.

Precious few “bad hombres” can respect a commander in chief who pushes cultural radicalism constantly from the White House, especially when that extremism increasingly pollutes the armed forces of our great land, where so many brave Hispanics have honorably served.

Biden does indeed have a serious Hispanic problem…one sure to worsen into 2024. Conversely, this opening presents a historic opportunity for the patriotic populist movement to earn majority support from Latinos across America.