Democrats Should Be Worried About The Latino Vote

From The Atlantic (January 14, 2020 by Christian Paz)

Political organizers who have been in the field in the past few months canvassing the Hispanic vote provided a new insight into the run-up to the 2020 elections.  Three key points in the article are: 

  •  “The first warning sign of the new year came three days into 2020.  (President Donald Trump) …speaking at a rally of conservative evangelicals in south Florida…what the Democrats missed was the significance of the rally’s location: the home of the country’s largest Hispanic evangelical congregation.”
  •  “…a key fact about Latinos in America: they are a tremendously diverse group ideologically and culturally. And that diversity means there is an opening for Republican overtures.”
  • “Latino conservatives (in particular) in Florida and in Texas are amenable to the Republican message.”



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