America’s First Conservative Spanish-Language Network Has Been Launched


Americano Media could not have been launched at a better time and believes conservative Latinos are ready for a melding of “America First” metamessages with socially conservative social issues of faith-family-and freedom. A “Fox News“ in Spanish indeed.

See attached key statements from the recent coverage:

NBC NEWS March 7, 2022 – “They’re scared and they should be.” Garcia-Hidalgo (CEO of Americano) said of the Democrats in an interview, “Democrats took Hispanics for granted for too long, and no one thought to create a home for us in conservative media. There is an appetite for this. You see it on social media. You see it in elections.”

The Week March 7, 2022 – Democratic pollster, Fernand Amandi, was inclined to agree. “This is a DEFCON 1 moment (i.e., nuclear war). We should worry”, he says, “The Democrat’s response to all of this Hispanic outreach from Republicans…is to do the bare minimum.”

Americano Media April 6, 2022 – Americano Media Group and GETTR announced today that they will begin live streaming of the Americano Media broadcast. “Americano, like GETTR, stands for freedom of speech, anti-cancel-culture, and sharing diverse ideas and information.” Americano Media Group aims to be the number one Hispanic focus news outlet globally focused on the over 500 million Spanish speakers worldwide.

Geoff Shullenberger, Journalist – “The Republican Party should be watching this network fortunes closely. Even if Trump doesn’t run in 2024, his brand of Republicanism is so popular with Hispanics that the network will play a crucial part in the election.”